Growth Through Motivation and Attitude


World record-breaking polar explorer, Ben Saunders, often says “Impossible is just someone else’s opinion.” It is critical to keep your team feeling motivated and confident in order to achieve your company’s big goals. Understanding how motivation affects learning and behavior can help you decide the best methods for motivating your team to achieve these goals.

As a team leader, you can be the motivational factor your employees need to succeed as an individual and add to the success of the team. Erik Weihenmayer, a world-class blind adventurer, has built amazing teams to help him get through barriers and obstacles to the life he envisioned for himself. In speeches, Weihenmayer says, “When I think about a big challenge, that I want to reach for, the process that I use is always the same. Its almost identical I build a great team of people around me, and I begin to create a road map forward.” The same is the case for your company. To achieve your company goals your employees must be the amazing team that can get you there and you must have the road map to push everyone forward. Motivation and learning in companies is an important aspect of team building. 

Motivation consists of two types of factors: Extrinsic and intrinsic factors. The impact motivation has on learning is most seen through intrinsic factors. Meaning that you must find a way for your employees to be motivated for personally rewarding reasons. For example, they believe it will increase their skill sets, or because they enjoy doing their job well. You can increase intrinsic motivation through seven factors, including challenge, curiosity, control, fantasy, competition, cooperation, and recognition.

Laila Ali, deemed the most successful female boxer in history, talks about “Going All In.” When speaking about achieving goals, Ali says, “You have to really want it and make sure that you are doing it for yourself because otherwise you aren’t going to have the passion and drive that’s required.” There are various ways to see how motivation affects learning and behavior can be seen in various ways. Motivation can determine the type of behavior an employee will participate in while working for your company. It will also drive the way your team works towards the goals you have outlined. It can impact the ways in which your team learns to complete their tasks, and the way they learn to work together to achieve the same goals. 


  • Directs behavior toward goals
  • Leads to increased effort, energy, and persistence in activities
  • Affects cognitive processes and enhances performance

Sarah Robb O’Hagan, the CEO of Flywheel Sports and former President of Equinox Fitness and Gatorade, talks about creating extreme teams and how failure can be fuel for motivation. “When you push yourself and fail it does build your resilience, and frankly your muscle strength, your emotional strength to a greater level and that’s why I love failure.” She also says that you need failure to achieve the extreme you and ultimately the extreme team. “Experience the extremes of the good and the bad, the failures and the successes helps you really hone in to what is extreme you, where are you at your very best.”

The motivation impact on teaching and learning processes begins with you. You already have intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors to push you in doing what needs to be done in order to achieve the goals you have created for your company. Which in turn has motivated you to teach your team how to get things done. 

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