Erik Weihenmayer: No Barriers


Erik Weihenmayer is a world-class blind adventurer and the first blind person in history to reach the summit of Mount Everest, and he didn’t stop there. Weihenmayer is an accomplished climber, paraglider, skier, and kayaker who has reached the highest peaks on all seven continents!

It’s not just a story about accomplishment but a story about struggle defined by Weihenmayer as a No Barriers life.

No Barriers, co-founded in 2005, is predicated on the idea that what is within us is stronger than what is in our way. Weihenmayer’s mission is to help people with challenges figure out new tools, new ideas, new innovations, and new mindsets to tap into the human spirit, break through barriers, and live a life of purpose.

Weihenmayer is a celebrated author. His first book, Touch the Top of the World, was published in 12 languages. He has won dozens of awards including the Helen Keller Lifetime Achievement Award and was honored to carry torches for both the summer and winter Olympic Games.

In 2010, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Everest climb, Erik and his team created No Barriers Warriors, a program to help veterans reclaim their lives by leading and serving again.

A humanitarian, athlete, leader, and author, Weihenmayer is a great speaker on teamwork, innovation, motivation, and overcoming adversity. To learn more about Weihenmayer’s speaking topics you can contact us by phone, email or chat or visit Weihenmayer’s speaker page to read more about his no barriers lifestyle.

A lesson from the Sherpa’s of Mt. Everest:

The summit of Everest is not the real summit. The real summit come’s when you take those gifts that you have been given, that you’ve earned, and you bring them home and use them to elevate the world around you.

World-Class Blind Adventurer

  • Local: $55,001 - $75,000*
  • US East: $55,001 - $75,000*
  • US West: $55,001 - $75,000*
  • Europe: $75,001 and up*
  • Asia: $75,001 and up*
Erik Weihenmayer is a world-class adventurer, the first blind man to summit Mount Everest, and one of only 150 mountaineers to climb the Seven Summits. His latest and most demanding adventure is kayaking the 277 miles of the Grand Canyon. One of the most exciting and well-known athletes in the world, he never let his lack of vision interfere with his quality of life. Weihenmayer’s feats have earned him incredible press coverage and dozens of awards. He is also the author of two books and addresses leadership, teamwork, overcoming adversity, motivation, and inspiration.